The Argan Industry

In this topic, we want to explain the complexity of the manual work to obtain argan oil. From picking to bottling, we control all stages of production, these stages require know-how. To spare women the most painful steps, investments made in machines to extract argan oil make it possible to relieve the considerable work of these women.

1-The harvest of Argan fruits

When fruits reache maturity, “tafiyicht” there are harvested by the Berber women and men in argan plantations, often its population of the village that participates. The fruits are then dried in the sun to facilitate the next stage of artisanal production

2-The depulping

Pulping consists of separating the dry pulp “Tafiyicht” from the argan nut “Aqua”. When the pulp is completely removed, the result is an “aqua” nut that has a solid structure.


When the pulp is completely removed, the result is an “aqua” nut that has a solid structure, this nut contains two, sometimes three, fines, inside. To crush this nut, you have to put the walnut on a stone and use another stone to open it, it is a step that requires precision. The result is after crushing the nut “Aqua” almonds appear as Thick pipette with a very bitter taste. It is a manual and traditional step, its very difficult because it requires more precision.


Using an automatic extraction machine, the fines are poured into a funnel and machine does the work. It separates the gangue on one side and pours the argan oil dropwise on the other side. The oil is then stored and ready for the next step.


After extraction of the argan oil, it contains particles suspended, in order to give to our customers, a constant, clear, transparent argan oil of a quality required particularly by the European laboratories. It is necessary to decant and leave the argan oil at rest. We let it rest for a period of 15 to 20 days.


The argan oil is then filtered with a filtering machine. We obtain a 100% pure and natural oil without any additives or deodorants, it’s transparent, clear with a very slight odor which disappears rapidly on contact with the skin and air. Finally the argan oil is placed in containers stainless steel, it’s the most appropriate type of material for the preservation of argan oil. Depending on the quantity, the size of these containers will be more or less large.


Subsequently, the argan oil will be packed in bottles according to customers’ needs.