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  • Hard soap Fig Barbary
    Hard soap Fig Barbary

    The benefits of prickly pear seed oil are well established. Very rich in...

    30,00 Dhs
  • Nigelle Hard Soap
    Nigelle Hard Soap

    More than a soap, it's a real beauty treatment! It smoothes the skin and...

    20,00 Dhs
  • Argan soap
    Argan soap

    Hard soap of Argane extra sweet. This soap rich in fair-trade organic...

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 Skin care

  • Argan oil moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin.It helps to prevent premature skin aging

Nail and hair care

  • Argan oil fortifies nails and gives brilliance and shine for hair


Argan oil is more used in traditional medicine for the treatment of chickenpox, juvenile acne and rheumatism. It has hypocholesterolemic properties. It is recommended for patients with atherosclerotic risks.


Argan oil contains 80% unsaturated fatty acids like olive oil. These fatty acids give to argane oil certain nutritional and dietetic values and justify its use for cardiovascular diseases , for dry skin and for the physiological aging of the skin.


Argan oil has properties like nutty taste, delicacy of texture, which make it the one of the most popular oils for flavoring salads, soups, tagines and couscous or egg dishes. The mixture of argan oil-almonds-honey, known as Amlou accompanies deliciously the bread.